BIPA Program

UII offers BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing/ Indonesian Language for Foreigners) in CILACS (Center for International Language and Cultural Studies) for foreign students from non-English speaking countries who will learn Bahasa Indonesia or for those who will study in UII regular classes (taught in Bahasa Indonesia). The duration varies depending on the students’ need.


CILACS UII is an institution supporting Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) in serving public by providing language training. CILACS is established as actual concern of UII to accommodate the need of understanding on language as well as the culture so that good communication in business and social can be gained. Seeing that the need to establish a greater understanding among Indonesian people and foreigners, CILACS offers BIPA Program (Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing/Indonesian language for foreigners).

1. Materials

This program includes Indonesia Language learning from level 1 to level 4, classes will be delivered in English.

Semester 1 Level 1 (Dasar)
Level 2 (Pra-Madya)
Semester 2 Level 3 (Madya)
Level 4 (Mahir)

Participants will also be given a placement test before the program begins.

2. Meetings

Meetings per semester : 80 sessions, duration for each session 90 minutes (total 120 hours/semester).

Details :

30 sessions  × 90 mins Material Level 1
30 sessions  × 90 mins Material Level 2
2 sessions  × 90 mins Quiz
2 sessions  × 90 mins Assesment (Mid & Final Test)
8 sessions  × 90 mins Practice / Outing Class (4× activities)
8 sessions  × 90 mins Cultural Activity (4× activities)
3. Tuition Fee

Tuition fee applies to 1 candidate in one class.

No. Item Qty. Fee Total
1. Material 60 8.282.000
2. Assessment 2 150.000 300.000
3. Quiz 2 100.000 200.000
4. Practice/Outing Class 4 100.000 400.000
5. Cultural Activities 4 400.000 1.600.000
TOTAL (IDR) 10.782.000
4. Facilities
  • Placement Test
  • Handbook
  • Certificate
  • Blocknote and ballpoint
  • Cultural Activity (local culture)
  • Outing Class
  • Air Cond. Room
  • Wi fi Area, etc

For further information, please contact CILACS UII via phone +62 274 540255/4547153 or e-mail to [email protected], or you can also visit their website:


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If you have any questions or difficulties in preparing the required documents to meet the entry requirements, please contact our staff at the Office of International Affairs by email: [email protected].

We will guide you through the admission process.